How To Make It To The NBA

The 100% Truth About Coming From Nowhere, Having Little To No Scholarship Offers, And Still Making It To The Biggest Stage In Basketball 

Meet the Author

Dontell Jefferson is a Former NBA player and Bestselling author who wants individuals and teams to understand that “Circumstances don’t determine your future… YOU do.”

With only one Division 1 offer out of high school, he chose to attend a junior college with dreams of playing at a major university.

Living by his motto “Believe in Yourself” he would later attend  the University of Arkansas and climb his way through the NBA D-League ranks to the NBA signing with the Charlotte Bobcats.

Over his 12 year playing career, Dontell has played in 8 different countries and has gained a wealth of knowledge and experience about life’s situations.


Dontell In The Community


As a former D1 athlete this book was spot on! Dontell provides a step by step guide for all aspiring athletes to help them accomplish any of their goals whether it be maintaining their academics, learning time management, putting in the extra hours on the court, dealing with adversity on and off the court, etc. This book was a page turner that I completed in only one day!

Ashley Thomas
LSU Assistant Women's Coach

This book inspired me to get back to striving for my ultimate goal and to not give up. This is a MUST READ for all athletes and anyone who deals with rejection or think you are not good enough to make it. This is by far the best book that I have ever read. I was so into the book that I could not put it down. The author shared some very important valuable points and shared his experience and gave the best advice ever because he have been through the process. Please get this book for yourself and your child because it will make a world of a difference.

Lawshanda Adams
High School Teacher

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Absolutely riveting! This book took me into an unknown world, most of us will never experience. It shows the grind behind the glamour of NBA life. It should be in every high school and college locker room across the country! It’s a must read!!
-Kelly Lambert-NBA Strength Coach
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